Fix Call of Duty: Warzone DirectX Encountered an Unrecoverable Error

The BR mode has been out only for a few days, the game isn’t polished as everyone expected it to be. The Infinity Ward team has deployed multiple updates since then to take care of different issues that people are facing. One of these errors is Warzone DirectX Encountered an Unrecoverable Error, in this article we’ll find out how to fix this.

Upon looking at the error, you will be certain that this has something to do with DirectX, that is correct. But something is conflicting with the drivers or something that leads to this issue.

Method #1 – Reinstall DirectX

According to few users, this was fixed by a simple reinstall of DirectX, you can download the driver from here.

Method #2 – Disable Apps Like RivaTuner

Reddit user PREFIXS figured out that RivaTuner was causing his game to crash. He was getting the “DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error”, as soon as he shut down the application before launching the game, the error disappeared.

You can go ahead and remove the application or maybe change Call of Duty: Warzone’s application detection level to none.

The developer Infinity Ward hasn’t updated anyone about why this error is popping up for the others. Only those with Riva can actually fix this as of now. One thing you can do is check for applications that might be conflicting with the game and turn them off one by one.

Activision has shared a form link on their Twitter for users to share any issues that they are facing. Submit your responses so that the developer can look into it.

We’ve already written an article on fixing the lagging issues/dev errors in the newly released Warzone BR. Go check those out. Do comment below if this article helped you out.

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