How To Fix Error 500 in Epic Games – GTA 5 Free Issue

GTA 5 was announced as free a few hours back, ever since Epic launcher has been down. I myself tried to claim the game on my account but it keeps on throwing Error 500 at my face.

This is probably happening due to too many people trying to claim the game at the same time. GTA 5 is a huge AAA title and everyone would like to have their hands on this beautiful game. The game still costs around $25 on game stores. I’ve seen people trying to claim the title from multiple accounts so that they can sell it later on.

How To Fix Error 500 in Epic Games

Unfortunately there’s no fix for this as of now. Too many people are accessing the store. Epic is looking into this and the problem should be fixed within a few hours.

The title will stay free for around a week, so you don’t really have to worry about not getting it.

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